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Coastal Croatia has a warm and mild Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine. During the summer average maximum air temperature is around 28ºC (82 °F) and sea temperature up to 26ºC (79°F) .

June and September are also popular months to spend holidays in Croatia. Air temperatures are over 25ºC (77°F) then, and water temperature is 20-23ºC (68-73°F) in June and 24-26ºC (75-79°F) in September. For those who don’t appreciate hot weather these month are ideal to plan holidays in Croatia, also it is less crowded and prices are lower than during high season.


Croatia attracts tourists not only by warm climate, but also by its clean and warm sea. Here you will find more than 5800 km of coastline, of which around 4000 km on islands.

Beaches are mostly rocky, but there are also beaches with small pebbles, gravel, sand as well as concrete terrace beaches. You should bring sleeping pads or folding mattresses when going to a beach. Beaches are safe so you can leave your things on the shore. You should also have diving equipment, swimming shoes and sunscreen with you.


Croatian currency is Kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa). You don’t have to exchange money in your home country before departing because you can exchange it on the spot in banks or exchange offices. Border exchange offices are open 24/7. The most popular foreign currency in Croatia is Euro (1 euro is about 7,50 kuna). Credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants. If you need cash you can withdraw it from cash mashines.


You can buy food, cosmetics and medicines basically everywhere. Our apartments have fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare meals of your choice.

Prices of some selected products:

Bread 5,00-9,00 kn
Milk 1l 4,50-6,50 kn
Margarine 250g 5,00-6,00 kn
Butter 250g 13,00-16,30 kn
Sugar 1 kg 4,00-6,00 kn
Jam 340g 18,00-28,00 kn
Cold cuts 1kg 20,00-45,00 kn
Yellow cheese 400g 22,00-31,00 kn
Pâté 50g 2,00-2,70 kn
Chicken breasts 1kg 50,00-67,00 kn
Minced meat 1kg 28,00-45,00 kn
Pork 1kg 25,00-38,00 kn
Nutella 400g 20,00-23,00 kn
Flour 1kg 3,50-5,00 kn
Rice in bags 500g 18,00-28,00 kn
Pasta 500g 5,00-10,00 kn
Sunflower oil 1l 8,00-13,00 kn
Olive oil 1l 40,00-80,00 kn
Tomatoes 1kg 9,00-15,00 kn
Pickles 670g 11,00-16,00 kn
Eggs 10 pcs 13,00-16,50 kn
Mineral water 1,5l 4,00-5,00 kn
Juice 1l 9,00-15,00 kn
Karlovačko beer 0,5l can 11,00-13,00 kn
Karlovačko beer 0,5l bottle 6,00-7,00 kn
Croatian wine 1l 16,00-90,00 kn
Ground coffee 250g 17,00-20,00 kn
Instant coffee 150g 44,00-48,00 kn
Chocolate 100g 7,50-11,00 kn
Ice cream 1000ml 11,00-17,00 kn

Store chains in Croatia:


Petrol stations

These are open every day, from 7 am to 7/8 pm off-season and until 10 pm in the season. You can also find stations that work 24/7 in bigger towns or cities and along frequent roads. All stations sell E-Super 95, E-Super 98+ i E-Diesel. You can find LPG on stations in cities and along frequent roads.

Fuel prices on 07.04.2015.

Eurosuper BS 95: 9,57 kn

Eurosuper BS 95 Class: 9,71 kn

Eurosuper BS 98 + Class: 9,92 kn

Eurodiesel BS: 8,81 kn

Eurodiesel BS Class: 8,93 kn

LPG: 4,12 kn

Driving car in Croatia

For driving in Croatia you should have driver’s licence (it doesn’t have to be international), registration and valid automobile liability insurance (green card is not necessary).

  • Compulsory driving with headlights on during the day, except during daylight saving time.
  • Blood alcohol limit is 0,5 ‰.
  • Using mobile phones while driving is banned, unless you talk using handsfree devices.
  • Driver and all passengers must wear seat belts while riding a car.

Speed limits:

50 km/h in built-up areas

90 km/h in rural areas

110 km/h on expressways

130 km/h on motorways

80 km/h for cars with trailers

80 km/h for buses or buses with trailers

Travel documents:

To enter Croatia you should have a valid passport and if you come from country of European Economic Area you can enter with a valid ID card. If you travel by plane a passport is required.

Important phone numbers:

European emergency number: (+385) 112

Police: (+385) 192

Road assistance: (+385) 1987

Fire department: (+385) 193

Emergency medical care: (+385) 194

Croatian motorways

A1 Zagreb-Split-Dubrovnik

A2 Zagreb-Macelj

A3 Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac

A4 Zagreb-Goričan

A5 Beli Manastir-Osijek-Svilaj

A6 Bosiljevo-Rijeka

A7 Rupa-Rijeka-Žuta Lokva

A8 Kanfanar-Pazin-Matulji

A9 Umag-Kanfanar-Pula

A10 Bosnia and Herzegovina-Metković

A11 Zagreb-Sisak

A12 Vrbovec-Križevci-Koprivnica-Hungary

A13 Vrbovec-Bjelovar-Virovitica-Hungary

A1, A5, A7, A11 i A12 are partly finished

A10 i A13 are in construction plan